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Spiritual Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, Astrologer & Tarot reader - online (globally) and in person (Lancaster, UK). Healing, coaching and guidance, UK and internationally - Spiritual life astrology coaching courses with Rozanne Kay Astrologer, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and Life Coach

astrology, EFT (tapping) and spiritual life coaching offering life coaching courses, EFT sessionns as well as astrology readings, psychic tarot readings and healing.

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Spiritual Life Coaching with Astrology

Rozanne is a Spiritual Life Coach, Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner; she offers life coaching courses as well as Astrology readings, healing with EFT (tapping), psychic tarot readings and spiritual healing. Based in North West UK she works online and in person to help people around the world to find deeper meaning, purpose and direction in all areas of life in alignment with their soul; She uses the Law of Attraction, and other spiritual law to help people transform their lives in areas such as career, relationships, physical, mental & emotional health & wellbeing, creative self expression, fears, phobia's and addictions and much more. She also works with people who are experiencing spiritual relationships such as karmic or twin flame relationships and those recovering from trauma. 

She has helped people to heal from feelings of disconnection that has led to anxiety and depression as well as healing from traumatic experiences, relationship breakdown and abuse. She has also helped people to discover their soul’s mission or calling and to take action to move towards a more empowered and fulfilling life.

Astrology adds incredible depth to your spiritual life coaching sessions. It helps you to understand yourself on a much deeper level; things like how and why you respond to events in your life the way you do and to uncover your limiting beliefs about yourself and life in general. Astrology also helps to define the hopes, dreams and desires of your soul to enable you to create goals that are in alignment with your true soul path. Emotional Freedom Technique helps to remove all the negative and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success. Combining the two results in greater depth of understanding of self and positive progress towards greater harmony and success.

With the knowledge and wisdom provided from Astrology I will then help you move beyond the challenges that life presents, remove your blocks and limiting beliefs and begin to transform your life experience.


Rozanne is trained in a range of different holistic therapeutic, healing and life coaching practices and has expert knowledge of the Law of Attraction and wide variety of different manifestation techniques. As well as spiritual life coaching in alignment with soul she also has extensive knowledge of spiritual relationships including karmic and twin flame relationships and is able to provide coaching sessions in relation to these themes.  

Rozanne Kay is a finalist in the 2022 "She Inspires" Awards for her work inspiring people towards creating postive lasting change in their lives using alternative and holistic methods. 

Spiritual Life Coaching sessions, Emotional Freedom Technique, Astrology readings or psychic Tarot readings with Rozanne can help you with:

  • Understand and navigate spiritual awakening

  • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself, the world and your place in it 

  • Connect with who you really are on a soul level and begin to live from an open heart 

  • Connect with your soul mission and begin to take action to create your life in alignment with soul

  • Find out what will be fulfilling for you in your life experience and to take steps towards it 

  • Change aspects of your life  such as career, place of living, relationships 

  • Recovery from relationship breakdown, betrayal, grief and trauma

  • Uncover the unconscious limiting beliefs about yourself and life that are holding you back and change them to healthy positive beliefs which expand your reality

  • Dissolve deep seated attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that are no longer serving you 

  • Increase self worth, self esteem, self love

  • Remove fears, phobia's and addictions

  • Live a life full of purpose, meaning and connection - connecting to your higher self, source and your loved ones

  • Improve the way you relate to yourself and to others 

  • Heal childhood wounds and conditioning 

  • Heal from traumatic experiences

  • Heal damaging relationship patterns and attract healthier relationships in your life 

  • Expand your consciousness to living from love and abundance

Rozanne offers one-to-one Spiritual Life coaching courses, Emotional Freedom Technique, Law of Attraction Academy courses – both one to one and group sessions, online and in person - Astrology Readings, psychic tarot readings and spiritual healing. All astrology and tarot readings are conducted from the perspective that we are creators of our own reality and as such, they are not “fortune telling” but instead intuitive tools for deep soul level work and getting on board with your soul mission.


Max (UK)

This was my first experience of coaching and EFT with Rozanne and I'm coming again to continue. She provides a erally safe and supportive space with interesting and helpful work. Rozanne made me feel so much at ease. Looking forward to the next session.

Cathy (UK)

Beautiful, insightful and releasing session of EFT. I love working with Roz, I'm so grateful for your practice. Thank you. 

Julia (UK)

"This is my 3rd session with Roz. She works so hard supporting me to unleash the beasts! It's not easy squeezing the truth out of all emotions, an entire mash up of past, present and future fears: all craving to be released and transformed into peaceful, honest, loving and hopeful critters. I have hope in this new process, even writing the review is therepeutic. It allows time for reflection, consideration, speckles of understanding whilst strengthening the resolve to KEEP GOING, just keep going: my mantra. Looking forward to session 4. Thanks Roz. 

STEVE (Preston, Lancashire)

“I had never done anything like this before and the most I knew of Astrology was from occasionally seeing my horoscopes in magazines. All I can say is wow! It was a mind blowing experience.

The depth of knowledge Rozanne had in the sessions and the information she was able to obtain from my birth chart was completely accurate. I left with a much deeper understanding of myself and the people who are close to me.

Rozanne helped me to decipher the chart and give me a clear understanding of the psychology of who I am and why I am. Rozanne really helped me acknowledge and work through some deep seated emotions and issues I had from childhood.

I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is interested in peeling away the layers and trying to understand their nature, life and what is deeper within to have sessions with Rozanne.”

SUE (Manchester)

“I had a full coaching course with Rozanne including the Astrology. This was online via videophone as I was not local. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Rozanne made it very easy to understand as she explained the placements of the planets in my chart. The astrology session became a really good foundation to help me understand certain tendencies. For me, it has continued to be a source of reference when I’m navigating through understanding some limiting beliefs I have held. Rozanne has been amazing throughout, with an in depth knowledge and able to answer all my many questions in an easy to understand way.”

LOUISE (Lancashire)

I had a profound astrological chart reading session with Roz. I wasn't expecting the amount of detail and information provided. It gave me clarity on many aspects of life I have struggled with and tools to manage them. It gave me a clearer understanding of why life effects me the way it does. I now feel confident of how to maintain balance from the discussion with Roz. Roz was very intuitive, professional and has a deep knowledge on this topic. I would highly recommend a session with Roz.

HAZEL (Lancashire)

“Hello Rozanne, I’ve just been listening to the playback of our session and I’m amazed by how much knowledge you have on the subject. It’s given me so much to think about! Thank you!”

DOMINIC (Morecambe)

"A big thank you Rozanne for my tarot reading. I found it very insightful and helpful and even with just one reading I have got a lot out of it. I look forward to the next session!"

MOLLY (Lancashire)

Thank you so much for my reading Rozanne. It has given me - and continues to give me - so much insight into my life. Not only did it shed new light on aspects of myself I was already aware of, but it also brought to light things which I had been too close to see! It was so healing and helpful. Thank you for your clarity and compassion. I really felt 'seen' and that you were somehow able to hold the "bigger picture" for me too. Wonderful. Thank you.

Colette (Lancashire)

I recently met with Roz who explained my Astrology chart to me. It was an incredible experience. I was made to feel very welcome in the relaxing surroundings. Everything was explained to me and she even recorded our session. This was great as there is so much to take in that having an audio recording to go back to is a real help. It meant I could just be fully present in the moment and not have to worry about taking notes. The whole experience was incredibly enlightening and helped me to connect to myself and identify areas for future self development and discovery. I would highly recommend her services and will definitely be back in the future. Thank you for an incredible experience.

Nicki (UK)

"This is my second session with Roz, the first was amazing. I could feel changes in my brain, how it was thinking. The second session was harder but worth it. I'm struggling with a betrayal, there is so much to unpick but Roz is patient, calm, supportive and works really hard to bring about change. She has amazing empathy. Thank you Roz." 

ELLEY (Lancaster)

“Thank you so much Rozanne. Our session has and will continue to bring greater clarity to me. I’ve taken the actions you recommended to me for my onward, healing journey as I weave my tender and gentle path through life. I can’t thank you enough”

Laura (UK)

“For over a year I've been experiencing a new and more holistic way of healing and an approach that has provided me with a way of acknowledging suppressed emotions. Something medication or general therapy doesn't always provide. For those who may be aprehensive towards Astrology and EFT - a method that uproots and releases emotions or past events that stoill affect their day to day lives; I can't express the shift I've felt personally and can only hope would bring relief to others too. I recommend you contacting Rozanne to discuss how she can help you create change in your life

ELLEY (Lancaster)

“Thank you so much Rozanne. Our session has and will continue to bring greater clarity to me. I’ve taken the actions you recommended to me for my onward, healing journey as I weave my tender and gentle path through life. I can’t thank you enough”

SYLVIA (Lancaster)

“I’ve wanted to have my astrology chart read for many years so I booked a session with Rozanne. It amazed me as to how precise she was with years and dates of events in my life. The information she provided made total sense. Rozanne makes you feel comfortable and at ease and she takes the time to sensitively listen and respond. Nothing is too much trouble or too challenging for her. I highly recommend Rozanne 100%”

BARBARA (Newcastle upon Tyne)

“I booked an online videophone session with Rozanne after she was recommended to me by a family member. I was greatly surprised at the detail and accuracy of my astrology reading. I knew my approximate birth time but it wasn’t accurate. Rozanne was able to confirm what my rising sign was through discussion about my life experiences. She is lovely and easy to talk to and to understand; I had a very good feeling of resonating with Rozanne during the session which is very important to me. I would highly recommend Rozanne to anyone looking to gain greater understanding of their life and how to make the best of it.”

SUSIE (Manchester)

“I did the 8 week live online coaching course with Roz. I have never done anything like this before and it was amazing. It taught me skills that can be used over and over again throughout my life. I learnt about dealing with my emotions and how to tap into the root cause of emotions, enabling me to release and heal. I think even just being able to make some connection to myself has made me feel more in control and therefore less anxious. It was also really therapeutic to have someone there to guide me through and to just listen. I particularly enjoyed how Roz could use my astrological chart to help me understand and recognise tendencies I might have. The awareness is then the first step to working with it and made me feel I was definitely in the right place. The weeks flew by and I have so much to go away and work with now.  Roz is the ultimate professional. Made me feel completely relaxed and I could rest assured in her incredible depth of knowledge and ability to guide me through whatever came up. Thank you Roz. Will definitely be returning for sessions in the future.” 

ROBERT (Yorkshire)

I booked an appointment with Rozanne on a friends recommendation. I was stressed with work, family and my sleep patterns were regularly broken. I couldn't do self help books and needed a 'quick fix' - my first spiritual coaching session of many. Admittedly I went as a sceptic but came back enlightened. With Rozannes help I became a more balanced person. She was warm, genuinely caring, a good listener and very professional. Suspending my disbelief and stepping into the unknown, it was like my head had been a house given a thorough spring clean as I started organising my life. I felt that I could see clearer, figuratively and literally. In time, all my problems could be tackled head on with composure and calm. Things I previously agonised over began to seem more trivial. Rozanne showed me and opened a door that I never knew was there. Thanks Rozanne.

Laura (Newcastle)

My session for an Astrology reading online via videophone with Rozanne was absolutely perfect from start to finish. I learnt so much about myself I never thought I would. Roz is very down to earth and explained the complicated parts of astrology which helped me to understand my chart with ease. Roz is highly passionate about her work and helped me to overcome some of life's obstacles that I was experiencing. Thank you! I would highly recommend Roz to anyone!